Your small efforts can make a big difference

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XLSMedical Forte 5 180 Capsules

XLS Medical Forte 5

It is made with Okranol™, a patented natural fibre complex which is clinically proven to bind dietary fats from your food, forming a fat-fibre complex that’s too large to be absorbed by the body. This fat-fibre complex leaves the body naturally, helping to reduce body weight and existing body fat.


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XLS Medical Max Strength

Reduces calorie intake from dietary carbohydrates, sugar and fat. This results in reduced calorie intake which helps you to lose more weight than through dieting and exercise alone. Also helps lower your blood glucose level which helps fighting food cravings.

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XLS Medical Max Strength 120 Comprimés

XLS Medical is the reference brand for the fastest and most effective weight loss. Thanks to the Omega Pharma laboratories, XLS Medical has become your daily support, as its safe and innovative formulas allow you to lose up to 3 times more weight. Remember that effective weight loss must be done under medical supervision, accompanied by exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. XLS Medical will help you lose more weight with your effort, but the most important thing is your perseverance and awareness.

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Your small efforts can make a big difference