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Cumlaude External Moisturizer 30ml

Cumlaude Gynelaude External Moisturizer

This external hydrating gel-cream is indicated to combat symptoms of irritationdryness, and vaginal mucosa itching, as well as help with the difficulty of sexual intercourse. It does not modify the vaginal flora, since its pH is compatible with vulvar pH. The application of this treatment will offer you the best protection in that zone. Dermatologically and gynecologically tested. Free of parabens and perfume.

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Cumlaude Internal Moisturizer Deligyn Ph7

This internal hydration gel-cream treats symptoms of irritationdryness, and vaginal mucosa itching. It manages to rebalance intimate flora for recovering its natural hydration.

It is easy to apply thanks to the applicator cannulas it incorporates. It is suitable for women with discomfort in the intimate areas.

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Rilastil Cumlaude Hydratant Interne Deligyn 30ml

Since 1998 Cumlaude has been operating with medical and pharmaceutical specialists, with the aim of improving people's well-being.

Dermofarm laboratories have been over 40 years dedicated to research and new product development with strict parameters in the pharmaceutical industry. With a great logistic team and constant innovation.

New products to give the best dermatological care your skin needs and returning all elasticity and strength on it. In addition to products focused on protecting female intimate microbiota at all life stages.

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