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Hair Loss Ampoules

The innovative and complete formula of Pilexil Hair Loss Ampoules acts against all the factors involved in hair loss. Pilexil Hair Loss Ampoules are recommended in all situations where there is excessive hair loss. Pilexil Hair Loss Ampoules treat hair loss directly in both men and women. Stops hair loss while restoring its density.

Frequent Use Shampoo

Formulated with mild and effective active ingredients. Its panthenol-based formulation improves hair moisture, its malleability and gives it a healthier appearance. It also contains honey, which has moisturising properties and also promotes normal keratinization and desquamation of the scalp.


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Pilexil Shampooing Usage Fréquent 500ml

Pilexil is a specialized brand for the care and treatment of all hair and scalp types in both men and women. It offers a wide range of products developed by Lacer’s R&D&I Laboratory with our characteristic high quality and scientific rigour. Its active ingredients have been selected for their wide tolerance. They provide intensive hair care and optimal hygiene for healthy, shiny and silky hair. And Pilexil’s best guarantee? Its dermatologically proven efficacy in clinical trials with users.

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