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Fluocaril Bi-Fluoré Dentifrice Blanchissant 75ml

Fluocaril Whitening

Recommended by dentists, Fluocaril whitening is a whitening toothpaste indicated to help achieve a natural whiteness and reduce the presence of tartar, thanks to the active ingredient silica. It works thanks to the combination of two fluoride salts for long-lasting action: Sodium fluoride: immediate action that strengthens tooth enamel and helps prevent cavities. Sodium monofluorophosphate: long-term protection by forming a shield that protects tooth enamel from acid attacks.


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Fluocaril Spray Oral

Fluocaril mouth spray has been created as an ideal complement to combat bad breath, as its minty aroma helps to obtain a pleasant and long-lasting freshness in the mouth.

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Fluocaril's oral care and hygiene products are specially designed to protect and defend your oral health. The brand, which belongs to the prestigious P&G international group, has a wide range of products such as toothpastes for specific use, mouthwashes, etc. Protect your oral and dental health with Fluocaril products, guaranteed protection.


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