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Iraltone Shampooing Fortifiant 200ml

Fortifying Shampoo

Fortifying shampoo with a system of active ingredients that act on the scalp, helping to stimulate the hair follicle, favouring growth, reinforcing keratin and restoring vitality and hydration to the hair, thanks to its energising and antioxidant power. It acts on the hair shaft by repairing and restructuring the hair fiber, protecting it and strengthening it from the inside.


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AGA Capsules

Food supplement that has been formulated for the management of chronic hair loss due to hormonal problems, strengthening of the hair fibre, maintaining hair density and with powerful antioxidant activity. Iraltone AGA provides trace elements and vitamins that help keep hair in normal condition. Zinc, copper and selenium along with vitamin C and E that protect the hair bulb cells from oxidative damage. Gluten-free and lactose-free.


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Iraltone Aga Concentré Nutritionnel Anti Chute 60 Gélules

Specifically designed formulations for restoring healthy conditions to hair and scalp. Its oral and topical formulas feature a combination of innovative and scientifically-endorsed ingredients for comprehensive and effective treatment of common problems such as hair loss, oily hair, seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff.


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