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Natural Sensation Shampoo Without Tears

Gently cleanses baby's fine and delicate hair. The formula's ingredients ensure ideal cleansing for baby's sensitive skin, guaranteeing maximum gentleness. Leaves hair soft, scented and ready for easy combing. Maintains the physiological pH of the skin.

Natural Sensation Body Lotion

Deeply nourishes baby's skin from the first use, maintaining the correct degree of hydration. Protects and reinforces the skin's natural barrier, allowing it to breathe. Leaves the skin soft and scented. Pleasant texture and fast absorption. Non-greasy. If used daily, the skin will be increasingly nourished while maintaining a good level of hydration.

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Chicco Natural Sensation Body Lotion 150ml

Like all good things in this world, being a parent requires a lot of effort and sometimes it feels like a very bumpy road. We at Chicco try to make this fantastic adventure a little smoother by listening to the needs of parents and parents-to-be. However, we want to go further and promote the idea of parenting, a concept that embraces the wider support system of people who take care of children in different ways. Wherever there is someone caring for a child, we are by their side.

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