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Apivita Bee Randiant Glow Activating & Anti-Fatigue Serum 30ml

Be Radiant Glow Activating & Anti-Fatigue Serum

multidimensional mechanism that reaches a new level in skin’s protection and regeneration. An energizing serum with white peony, patented propolis and dragon fruit extracts that prevents, delays and repairs the developing signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles), while offering an instant and lasting visible glow that radiates freshness.


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Rose Pepper Shower Gel with Essential Oils

Shower gel enriched with essential oils which rejuvenate both skin and mood, while cleansing effectively and leaving the skin soft and hydrated.


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Apivita Rose Pepper Shower Gel with Essential Oils 300ml

Founded in Athens in 1979 by two pharmacists, APIVITA (which means “life of the bee”) offers effective natural beauty products for the face, body and hair. Our formulas harness the power of Greek nature with key ingredients derived from value-added bee products and medicinal plants, enhanced by cutting edge green cosmetology. Inspired by the eternal synergy between bees and Greek nature, APIVITA places its passion and commitment to the environment at the heart of everything we do. Just like the beehive, our company is a living organism that never stops creating and distributing value: value for the environment, value for society, and value for the economy.

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