Biafin Skin Emulsion 50ml


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With emollient and moisturizing properties, it is especially indicated as cosmetic care, for sensations of irritation, redness or skin problems related to exposure to radiation (such as sunlight). It improves the hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis and helps the process of repairing the skin.

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Product features:
- First Aid: Burns
- Skin Type: Damaged or Irritated Skin
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  • Excellent product recommended by my dermatologist for quicker wound healing.

    Dorothy Smoot | 05/03/2019

  • This is a terrific burn cream recommended by my dermatologist. I use a small amount on my face after she freezes off pre-cancer spots. I also use it to treat sunburn.

    Kerry Mccarthy | 31/08/2018

  • I have not received my order. But this form don't allow me to leave it blank, sorry I had to rate as 1 star. I will revise it when I receive my order.

    Joy | 08/08/2018

  • This product is absolutely amazing. I was going thru radiation and burned in a couple places so far the skin split. Example: my clavicle was very very red and had 5 splits in the area. One day off using this showed major improvement. 7 days and it's almost gone, just faint pink.

    Brenda | 27/07/2018

  • This is seeming to stimulate gentle healing - no extreme results right off the bat. I use it on my face to combat redness and heal breakouts. I'm seeing subtle results with consistent use, but it tends to clog my pores when I wear it under makeup. Def a nighttime cream for me.

    Jessica | 14/06/2018

  • Recommended by doctor after facial surgery. Excellent product and fast results

    Catherine | 29/04/2018

  • We were so happy to find a good reliable source for this product. My wife used Biafine during her cancer treatment and still has residual issues that Biafine helps with. We will look for other products provided by your site.

    Don | 21/11/2017

  • I loved buying with you I found what I was looking for and at a very good price I recommend many thanks. This medicine is difficult to found and we bought here, this medicine is for treatment of skin lesion for quimioterapy is very expensive in other place.

    Yuli | 18/08/2017

  • Item as described and works great! Not easy to find in the US so being able to order from Pharmacy Club is a huge plus. Perfect product for putting on post-laser hair removal treatments.

    Lew | 03/08/2017

  • Biafin Skin Emulsion is a great product. I am using it for after surgery to help the skin regenerate . very happy with the results from this product. It has been highly recommended by the surgeon.

    Olaya | 28/07/2017

  • Good, very good to have it in only two days for a sick friend who is recovering from a cancer treatment in Cuba. Thanks! It was as described in the web. Thanks again! I appreciate it!

    Eduardo | 17/07/2017

  • I have been using the US version of this called Biafine for several years and it is amazing how it helps to heal skin after treatments for skin cancers.

    John | 03/07/2017

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    Sandra |  31/03/2019

  • Kept In contact through email. Everything went smoothly.

    Ash |  13/03/2019

  • Great product for help with wound healing. Service/shipping was fast.

    Dorothy Smoot |  05/03/2019

  • Easy to deal with

    Miriam |  26/02/2019

  • Ir was good. Shipping products cost everything was reasonable. Don’t regret and would order again from jere

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