Sensilis Eternalist A.G.E. Neck, Neckline & Arms Firming Lifting Treatment 50ml

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Lifting and Firmness
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Firming lifting treatment for neck, neckline and arms that reaffirms, lifts and corrects rings of venus and double chin with texture in easy-to-extension balm, with a pleasant perfume and its applicator with quartz stone that provides a pleasant massage.
Its benefits are:
- Reaffirms and redefines the neck to retrieve the definition.
- Anti-cyclical action.
- Readjusts the distended skin on the neck, arms and neckline.
- Increases collagen synthesis.
- Effective immediate tensioner & lifting effect.
- Intensive firming action.
- Decreases venus rings.
- Blurs wrinkles.
Main ingredients:
Caffeine: promotes fat removal and decreases the accumulations of fat evident in the area of the chin, chest and arms.
L Ornithine: reduces the appearance of grooves and marks.
Poppy seed extract: decreases the size of adipocytes.
Includes massage applicator with natural quartz stone.
Application Tips:
- Place the corresponding amount of balm on the back of your hand.
- Apply the balm to the neck and neckline by pressing lightly with touches made with the palms of your hand.
- With the help of the Sensilis applicator made of natural quartz stone, it performs upward movements on the neck and neckline.
- With the help of the hand perform a massage in the area of the forearm from elbow to armpit in upward motion.

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Product features:
- Body: Firming Creams
- Skin Type: All Skin Types

Product Reference: #8428749850106

At Sensitive Skin Lab, we carefully select the ingredients that we use and we create formulas in order to guarantee optimal effectiveness for sensitive skin. We abide by our own Skin Respect Therapy commandments, which help bring our formulas ever closer to “beauty responsible”. As a pharmaceutical laboratory, it is our responsibility to always go one step further in this regard.

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