Nuxe Body Long Lasting Deodorant 2x50ml



This women's deodorant with natural alum and silver powder is alcohol-free and provides long-lasting protection without leaving white marks. Soothes skin and neutralises odours. Scented with the sweet and delicate NUXE BODY fragrance: Coconut Sorbet, White Blossom and Wild Vanilla.

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Product features:
- Body: Deodorants
- Skin Type: Sensitive Skin, All Skin Types, Damaged or Irritated Skin

Product Reference: #3264680013485

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  • Good customer service. Received 2 free samples with my order.

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  • Excellente

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  • Very good company.

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  • excellent service from purchase to delivery

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  • None better.

    Jimmy |  09/02/2021

  • Customer service is great!

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  • I'm very happy with PharmacyClub. They always send me excellent products (and samples), they arrived my home in very good shape: The products are shipped with a lot of care. Thank you so much PharmacyClub.

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  • I had ordered 2 gifts set of huile prodigieuse and by mistake they sent me the florale version , I wrote to the company and within 3 days they sent me what I had ordered...I was really impress by the professionnalism and rapidity of the services...thank you very much

    Ostiguy |  03/02/2021

  • Very Good!

    Faye |  02/02/2021

  • Nothing to report

    John |  30/01/2021

  • Good, though I struggled submitting my personal data in the site.

    Claudia |  23/01/2021

  • FedEx Priority : I had my doubts with the shipping payment, but it was super fast and efficient, better than I imagined

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  • FedEx Priority : The best service.

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  • FedEx Priority : Delivery within a couple days. Thank you, much appreciated!

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  • FedEx Priority : On point and on time thank you

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  • FedEx Priority : Excellent delivery service! I feel so good with FedEx: They always leave my package in a locker and they never put it on the floor. Thank you very much FedEx!

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  • FedEx Priority : I have absolutely nothing to complain about A one????happy customer

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  • FedEx Priority : Fast and safe

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  • FedEx Priority : Excelente!!

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  • FedEx Priority : Good service

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  • FedEx Priority : Great service!

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  • FedEx Priority : Days late, though I blame Pharmacy Club rather than FedEx since Pharmacy Club hadn't even provided the product to FedEx by the date it said it would arrive! Total sham. Find another site.

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  • FedEx Priority : Prompt delivery

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