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Cleansing products for pores and blackheads

Blackheads can become a daily nightmare to many women, especially during the summer, when they spread easily. Blackheads are blocked pores due to an oil excess in certain parts of the skin. If this oil doesn’t find an exit and get blocked inside the pore, make it wider. The end of the natural conduct of the pore oxidises when coming into contact with air. That is the reason why it takes this ugly dark colour so unpleasant. The sebaceous activity accelerates a lot with hot, so more blackheads tend to appear, above all in the nose, which makes it even uglier. Moreover, they can often appear in chin, cheeks and corners of the lips.



If you have oily skin and you want to prevent them, it is very important to avoid oily products, creamy make-up and creams in a lipid phase. Moreover, if you want to say goodbye to blackheads, it is very important to include a deep cleansing in our daily routine, both day and night. This would help not only to purify our skin, but also to mattify and regulate the oil. Of course, it is essential to be constant, because this is a process which requires time and dedication.

Below you can find some of the best products on the market to clean pores and blackheads.


Lierac Gel Lotion Double Toning


This make-up remover based on the cosmetic technique of ionic cleansing is perfect for combination skin. It is composed by hyaluronic acid, micro-magnet cleanser, purifying lactic acid and water lily extract. With its texture of active cream, it turns into foam when coming into contact with water and provides your skin with a double cleansing action. Thanks to the purifying lactic acid, it removes pollution, make-up from your skin, providing a deep cleansing. All in all, you’ll have the effectiveness of a professional cleansing in a single step.


It should be applied on the dry skin, giving a gentle massage with fingertips and avoiding the part of the eye contour due to it is a highly sensitive area. Then, emulsify it with water and massage again. Rinse-off with water to finish.

In the same make-up remover line, you can find Lierac Foaming Cream Double Cleanser. You can use it when you want to clean your face without make-up, just to remove the pollution and the dirt accumulated on your skin every day by applying in the same way as the lotion.


Bella Aurora Gentle Exfoliating Gel


Bella Aurora is one of the best brands in anti-blemish treatments since the end of the 19th century. This scrub gel is one of the basic products in the beauty routine of these women who tend to have depigmentation on their skin. In this respect, the Bella Aurora enzymatic peeling is an essential product that provides an intensive care. It also helps to remove dead cells in the corneal layer to renew the skin and to avoid the pores being blocked. In this way, we can prevent any problem of depigmentation of the new cells, giving our skin a uniform appearance.




However, although it is a gentle product, it is not advisable to use it every day. It should be used 1 or 2 times per week. Wet the face and neck and massage the skin gently. If you notice that doesn’t slide well on your skin, wet it again.


Sensilis Ritual Care Purifying Pore-Reducing Toner



This is a purifying product which removes shines and imperfections of the skin and reduces the size of the pores significantly. Zinc salt helps to regulate sebaceous secretions, hamamelis water increases moisture levels and minimises the presence of redness as well as astringent actives reduce pore size. It is suitable for oily and combination skin, providing a purifying and mattifying action. It should be applied daily with a cotton pad to complete the action of the Purifying Cleansing Gel.


Roc Pro Cleanse Extra Gentle Wash Off Cleanser



Roc Pro Cleanse Extra Gel is specifically developed to sensitive, dry or high irritated skin, providing a gentle and effective cleansing without over-drying it. Soap and fragrance free, it cleans and purifies all the impurities accumulated during the day or night. It should be used daily, day and/or night, even both. Rub the gel with hands to get a foamy texture, give a gently massage on facial skin and rinse-off with water.


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