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Weight Loss
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Food supplement for the loss of body fat. It increases calorie expenditure and has a fat-burning action, promoting weight loss and improving the Body Mass Index (BMI).
With the help of XLS Medical Pro-7 Capsules you can achieve your weight loss goals up to 5 times faster than with a regular diet.
XLS Medical Pro-7 Capsules help in the treatment and prevention of excess weight.
It contains Okranol, a patented complex of natural fibres that captures dietary fats.
XLS Medical Pro-7 Capsules help you reduce existing fat by significantly improving your Body Mass Index (BMI) while promoting intestinal microflora.
They promote the feeling of satiety by reducing snacking between meals.

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Product features:
- SUPPLEMENTS: Weight Loss

Product Reference: #8470002055292

XLS Medical is the reference brand for the fastest and most effective weight loss. Thanks to the Omega Pharma laboratories, XLS Medical has become your daily support, as its safe and innovative formulas allow you to lose up to 3 times more weight. Remember that effective weight loss must be done under medical supervision, accompanied by exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. XLS Medical will help you lose more weight with your effort, but the most important thing is your perseverance and awareness.

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    Lu |  27/09/2022 14:45:02

  • I love this product not only for myself but for my clients. This product has helped lighten brown spots on my clients face as well as brightening and help soften fine lines not to mention this vitaminC is pure not like other vitC serums and has antioxidants in to help your skin .

    Crystal Minarcik |  24/09/2022 18:59:55

  • love the products. i wish there was more variety of brands. but never the less will come back to order more

    yelena |  22/09/2022 19:24:21

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  • Excellent

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  • I had no reason to contact costumer service.

    Ilein |  14/09/2022 16:32:22

  • I received frequent order status updates and the product was delivered in a timely fashion.

    Lisa |  14/09/2022 14:09:30

  • Very pleased

    Sarah |  12/09/2022 20:07:36

  • Thanks for the free sample-sized product included!

    Shernell |  12/09/2022 05:04:46

  • Kept me updated where package was at.

    Monic |  08/09/2022 01:27:53

  • No issues with customer service

    Lois |  07/09/2022 14:32:01

  • FedEx Priority : Amazing delivery I didn’t have to forever for my products.

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