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The best products to protect your hair this summer


During the summer months, your hair can get damaged by sea salt and chlorine from the pool, giving it a dry, lifeless and unhealthy feel.  That is why it is important to give your hair the care that it needs so that it stays healthy and radiant, boosting your self confidence in those months that you are out and about with your friends.

We can find all sorts of different hair care products designed for summer on the market: sun protection for when you are directly exposed to the sun, and masks and conditioners to help repair your hair after a long day at the beach or pool. Having said this, not all products are of the same quality.  If you want your hair to be radiant it is important that you choose the right products to ensure that it is protected correctly. Here at  PharmacyClub we want the best for your hair protection and, as you will know by now, we only offer top brands… keep on reading to find out more.



Phyto Plage





Phyto Plage has an extensive range of high-quality hair sprays that protect your hair thanks to its advanced formula, acting as a fine veil on your hair to avoid the damaging consequences that the sun, sea salt and pool chlorine can have on your hair. 


-Phytoplage Protective Sun Veil Strong Sun Protection a spray that hydrates, nourishes, repairs and revitalizes normal and dry hair







Maschere e balsami


Phyto Paris



The brand Phyto Paris, as well as offering solar products, also has  rehydrating Shampoo and after sun recovery mask  that nourish, repair and gives life to your hair after being out in the sun. These products are intended to give you both intense hydration and help your hair to repair itself. Even better, they are ideal for both men and women to give you the protection you need after a prolonged exposure to the sun,  making sure your hair isn’t left dry and lifeless.  These products eliminate the chlorine and salt remains, giving it a healthy and radiant look. Available at a very competitive price in our catalogue!





DS has a wide range of conditioners that guarantees you will find the right product for your hair, whatever your needs may be.  DS Hair Stimulating  helps to stimulate hair follicle, nourishing and helping with blood flow, as well as protecting against hair loss. DS Radia Purifying nourishes and softens hair, sealing the follicle base to lock in natural humidity and give your hair shine, protecting it against UVB rays and combating decolouring and damage.  Ds Dandrene Anti Dandruff Conditioner  is an exfoliating conditioner with anti-dandruff technology that calms, refreshes and leaves your hair hydrated and soft.  Finally,  Ds Nia Restructuring Conditioner  helps to regain colour, shine and softness, giving your hair shine and volume. These products are ideal for hair that suffers greatly from the sun, straighteners and dyes, giving your hair shine and volume.




Apivita is composed of a large range of conditioners to help protect your hair, formulated to cover a large variety of needs and for all different hair types. Their products help to repair greasy roots and to lock in colour, regain shine and vitality, as well as repairing and toning your hair. They also offer a range of nourishing masks, hydration, protection and repair products, formulated with sun flower and honey, orange and olive oil.




Weleda is made up of a range of hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner and revitalizing hair lotion. The  Nourishing Shampoo  nourishes your hair and helps to maintain its natural shine and elasticity, giving it a soft cleanse and offering ideal care for all the family. The replenishing conditioner  softens hair, hydrating it, giving it shine gives back its natural shine, and leaving you with a very nice aroma. They also have a revitalising hair tonic, which gives your hair’s roots the necessary nutrients that favour its natural growth, keeping your scalp healthy. Also, it notably reduces hair loss and helps to regain volume.





Vichy has formulated ideal products to ensure that your hair is protected efficiently, helping to revitalize it.  The  nourishing cream conditioner is perfect for dry and damaged hair, and the  nutrirepair mask gives you a concentrated double protection that bathes your cuticle to hide hair loss, reconstructing both the superficial and inside area, making your hair more resistant to external factors that can damage it. These products strengthen and hydrate your hair, giving it a much softer look.



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