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Scholl Light Legs Tights

If we search for “legs” on Google, the first suggestion is “tired legs”.

Heavy or tired legs are, therefore, a very common problem whose most frequent symptoms are tiredness, varicose veins, cramps, feeling hot, tingling, itching, swelling, and even cellulite.



The most usual causes are venous insufficiency, menstruation, pregnancy, lack of movement and obesity.

To combat this problem, apart from following a few simple tips to relieve your tired legs, such as keeping well hydrated or following a healthy diet, here at PharmacyClub we recommend the latest invention by Scholl, Light Legs compression tights.



What are Light Legs compression tights?

They are tights that issue a slight gradient compression. They help to prevent the feeling of tiredness in the legs by stimulating blood circulation. Also, they tone your legs.


What is gradient compression?

Gradient compression exerts more pressure on the ankle area and gradually decreases as it ascends through the leg. Scholl Light Legs are used to prevent tiredness and heaviness in the legs of healthy people who spend long periods of time sitting or standing. The gradient compression is different from that used in medical applications and can be used safely to provide leg comfort.


Who are Scholl's Light Legs for?


Anyone who feels heavy legs can wear them, especially those who spend a lot of time sitting, standing or in a sedentary position. They have been designed to give a feeling of comfort and softness throughout the day.


Is a doctor’s prescription necessary?

Scholl Light Legs are not a health product and can be used directly. No prescription is required and they can be used every day.


What are the materials, colors and sizes?

Scholl Light Legs tights are available in opaque black (60DEN), flesh colour (20DEN) and black (20DEN). There are four sizes: S, M, L and XL. They are made of polyamide and spandex.


How long do these tights last?

They are designed with high quality yarn that prevents them from being easily damaged when putting on as well as wearing. They are very elastic and maintain their shape after prolonged use.


How many hours a day should I wear the Scholl Light Legs, so that I can get a light legs sensation?

You can wear these tights all day long. They are so comfortable and soft that you will want to keep on wearing them even after eight hours.


Will a ladder affect the compression power of Scholl Light Legs?

No. The 20DEN tights, the most prone to ladder because of their delicate nature, have been designed using "Ladder-Lock ™ Technology” that helps to prevent this.


Can I use lotions and creams if I use Scholl Light Legs?

Yes. Scholl's tights include instructions that indicate how they should be worn. No interactions with creams or lotions are known.


Scholl’s tights are available here at PharmacyClub.


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