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How can you combat spots on your skin?

If you have little spots on your skin due to sun exposure or other external factors, don’t lose this beauty article! We’ll show you the products you can use for optimal treatment and to diminish those little bothersome imperfections. And don’t worry; celebrities like Lucy Liu, Alex Bledel and Drew Barrymore also suffer from hyperpigmentation.

Martiderm Depigmentation Stick SPF 50+ 4ml

This is an effective cosmetic camouflage that is applied directly to the area of hyperpigmentation. It visibly reduces skin spots and brings about a uniform and smooth finish to key areas like the neck, chest, hands and arms. Apply the stick during the day and avoid sun exposure that could create further spots on your skin.

Martiderm Despigmentation Stick Spf50+ 4ml

MartiDerm Dsp-Intensive Night Depigmentation Mask 30m

Combine your day treatment with an intensive anti-blemish night mask from MartiDerm. Apply it to the areas you want to treat with the tips of your fingers, and let it sit for about 30 minutes. You’ll see how the tone of your skin harmonizes with a uniform and smooth color.

Martiderm Dsp-Mask Intensive Night Treatment 30ml

Bioderma Photoderm Laser SPF 50+ Scars and Spots 30ml

If you go to the beach, use this powerful sun screen with SPF 50 to combat those spots and freckles. It is the perfect choice if you wish to protect sensitive areas like scars, or if you have pigmented skin. It directly protects your skin cells, activating their defenses against sunburns.

Bioderma Photoderm Laser Spf50+ Cream Damaged Skin Scars 30ml

Bella Aurora L+ Anti Skin Spots

It acts directly on the surface of the spot, as if it were a target. It regenerates your skin, resulting in a more uniform tone and brighter skin. We recommend that you apply this cream to clean skin morning and night. Then, hydrate your skin with your usual moisturizer.

L Anti Dark Spot 10ml

Eucerin Even Brighter Corrector

It reduces the production of melanin in order to diminish the appearance of spots and to camouflage and harmonize any existing hyperpigmentation. In just four weeks, you will see that your skin tone blends together and continues to improve over time.

Eucerin Even Brighter Spot Corrector 5ml

Remember that good skin care and protection is crucial. Using products that reduce the production of melanin is the best option.


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