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XLS Medical Appetite Reducer from XLS Medical is ideal for helping not to itch between meals and to control excess appetite. It is made with Redusure ™, a specialized fiber complex with high absorption capacity. Redusure ™ is rich in water soluble dietary fibers that can swell more than 45 times their original size. It favors the feeling of satiety. XL-S Medical Appetite Reducer swells in the stomach like a balloon and also forms a thick and indigestible gel that slows down digestion, which produces a pleasant feeling of satiety. XL-S Medical Appetite Reducer produces a prolonged flattened effect of blood glucose after eating. The flattened glucose response prevents a repeated increase in blood insulin, which helps curb hunger pangs and cravings to eat. On the other hand, the prolonged response of blood glucose favors the feeling of satiety and helps control appetite. It is recommended to take with a full glass of water 30 minutes before the main meal and / or between meals to avoid itching. Do not take more than nine capsules a day.

Product Reference: #8470001602213

XLS Medical is the reference brand for the fastest and most effective weight loss. Thanks to the Omega Pharma laboratories, XLS Medical has become your daily support, as its safe and innovative formulas allow you to lose up to 3 times more weight. Remember that effective weight loss must be done under medical supervision, accompanied by exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. XLS Medical will help you lose more weight with your effort, but the most important thing is your perseverance and awareness.

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