Isdin Eryfotona Ak Nmsc Spf100+ Fluid 50ml

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Spf 50
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AK-NMSC SPF 100+ Fluid. Prevents and repairs actinic damage. Gives your skin a new chance. Indicactions: Prevention and protective adjuvant treatment for actinic keratosis (AK) and other forms of non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC). Reduces and improves the subclinical cutaneous cancerisation field associated with actinic keratosis and non-melanoma skin cancer. Benefits: Prevents actinic damage caused by the sun and encourages its repair. Creates a protective film of ADN Repairsomes on the skin (UVB 109, UVA 39) that helps to protect against new lesions. Furthermore, continued use helps DNA's natural repair mechanism. Dosage: Apply liberally to the affected area twice a day, in the morning and at midday. Photolyase is activated by visible light.

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Product features:
- Face: SPF 50 and Above
- Skin Type: Spots

Product Reference: #8470001658531

ISDIN was born 40 years ago in Barcelona, from the alliance between a global leader in fragrances and cosmetics and a benchmark pharmaceutical company with renowned medical products. The mission was to create a worldwide reference in skin health, treatment and beauty.
Each ingredient has been meticulously chosen by our research team who scours medical and scientific congresses looking for the latest discoveries that will make real breakthrough formulations.
We strive to reach out to each person with meaningful innovation that will make a difference in their life, with a simple yet highly demanding model.

Results = Efficiency x Compliance

Results are the joint effect of an efficient product used correctly and with the appropriate frequency.

Working closely with doctors and pharmacists is intricately sown in all what we do. Our Medical Advisory Board thoroughly oversees all new launches and continuously strives to improve the existing products in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Our expert laboratory team also works to innovate in unprecedented textures that will make product use easy and pleasurable, aiming for optimal compliance.

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  • Before my dermatologist recommended I use this product about four years ago, my annual checkup always resulted in the application of liquid nitrogen to at least half a dozen areas of my face and hands. Since I've been using it, he hasn't needed to do it once.

    Keith Channing | 03/06/2020

  • I have been putting it on my bald head for a month and a half and it has reduced the spots on my head.

    Madison | 14/02/2019

  • N/a

    amber |  02/02/2023 05:07:07

  • Very good

    Panayiota |  01/02/2023 16:39:36

  • I did not actually use customer service, but if it is as good as other aspects of Pharmacy Club ( i.e., product availability, ease of ordering and prompt delivery), I imagine it is very good as well.

    Karolyn |  31/01/2023 13:17:20

  • Excelente

    jesus |  25/01/2023 15:19:23

  • Good !

    EVA |  25/01/2023 08:00:48

  • Good

    Luz Jimenez |  25/01/2023 06:14:23

  • product arrived as expected in a timely manner

    Vareilles |  23/01/2023 22:40:33

  • exceptional service

    Snigdha |  23/01/2023 21:16:12

  • I love the service everything it’s easy!

    Jessica |  22/01/2023 14:00:03

  • I loved how fast they took care of my order.

    Marisela |  19/01/2023 13:25:23

  • shipping and handling very fast and safe

    Virginia |  18/01/2023 21:04:44

  • Quick and efficient.

    Patricia |  18/01/2023 19:43:40

  • FedEx Priority : The shipping is so fast.

    Jessica | 22/01/2023 14:00:03

  • FedEx Priority : Fast shipping ????????????loved it!!!

    Marisela | 19/01/2023 13:25:23

  • FedEx Priority : Very good

    Virginia | 18/01/2023 21:04:44

  • FedEx Priority : Came quickly.

    Patricia | 18/01/2023 19:43:40

  • FedEx Priority : FedEx kept me posted daily how the delivery was going. I received quicker that I had thought which made me very happy thanks to the Pharmacy Club.

    Joann | 17/01/2023 07:23:02

  • FedEx Priority : Muy rapido el servicio. En 3 dias ya tenia el producto en la casa.

    YENIMA | 12/01/2023 14:51:53

  • FedEx Priority : My products are always delivered so quickly despite being works away. Great service.

    Nadia | 11/01/2023 14:08:23

  • FedEx Priority : Entrega rápida.

    Saul Ovidio Palomares Avelar | 10/01/2023 15:50:25

  • FedEx Priority : Fast delivery

    Marta | 05/01/2023 07:46:08

  • FedEx Priority : Delivery was quick. Received product in less than a week. Would definitely order from again.

    Christine | 04/01/2023 12:12:22

  • FedEx Priority : Excellent and very fast.

    Lisset | 20/12/2022 12:22:02

  • FedEx Priority : So fast!

    Darya | 19/12/2022 07:55:28

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