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When the skin has a bad habit of reacting to the sun with pigment spots, these spots tan faster than the rest. As the tan progresses, the contrast between the blemish and the surrounding skin increases. The ultra high protection anti-stain fluid supports the phenomenon of hyperpigmentation. Avoid the appearance of new points and reduce pre-existing tasks.
With ultra high protection anti-blemish fluid, hyperpigmented skin is once again free from sun exposure, highly protected and your complexion lightens. Provides maximum external protection and inhibits the melanogenesis process to allow progressive depigmentation of the skin. Compensates for the dehydrating effects of UV rays. Biologically protects skin cells in addition to filters or screens, to prevent photoaging, the risk of redness and skin cancer. ESTHEDERM Photo Reverse Ultra High Protection anti-stain fluid optimizes the vital functions and energy activity of cells.
Apply ultra-stain anti-stain fluid, liquid and light cream daily to the face and décolleté. For an even complexion throughout the body, it also adopts fluid milk spray while freshness.

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Product features:
- Face: Moisturizers, Anti-aging
- Skin Type: Spots

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Inspired by professional aesthetics, inspired by life and sun living, Esthederm is a brand like no other. It doesn't blow its own trumpet: it's just a murmur - the sound of women whispering to one another. They started to use Esthederm because they were looking for treatments, sun and well-being. And they’ve never stopped. They talk of having a helping hand at all times - unique expertise that changed the fate of their skin and finally revealed its beauty.

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