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Interprox 0.6 Interproximal Nano 6 Units


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Interprox® Nano is designed to remove oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) build-up from 0.6 mm* interproximal spaces, and is particularly recommended for anterior teeth.   Its shape makes it easy to perpendicularly insert between anterior teeth, to prevent damaging the gums, and its cap attaches perfectly to the handle, elongating it to reach even the back-most areas of the mouth. Because its handle and neck have memory-free flexibility, the brush can be moulded tomaintainperpendicular entry in these areas as well.  Interprox® Nano also has an anti-slip groove to ensure a better grip and control for accurate and comfortable cleaning. Innovative manufacturing with high quality Tynex® filaments allows for bettergumcare, because their dual colour design allows white filaments to detect bleeding sites and black filaments to detect interdental biofilm. The stainless steel wire is coated with polyurethane (plastic material), to better protect gums,teeth and implants. The brush also has a protective cap that allows it to be taken anywhere conveniently. Interprox® Nano is indicated for people with 0.6 mm* interdental spaces. It is also indicated for people with orthodontics,implants and fixed prostheses.
Consult with your dentist or dental hygienist to determine the size of your interproximal space and which brush you should use.   Insert the brush loosely, so that the filaments, and not the wire, are touching teeth. Move the brush in and out, without turning it. Because the handle has memory-free flexibility, it can be bent to form the best angle, and the cap can be fitted to the handle for better access to posterior areas. If the wire rubs gums or bends, use a brush with a smaller PHD.  

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- Dental: Toothbrushes
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