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The best baby care products


Many first-time parents, whilst anxiously awaiting their baby, ask themselves what are going to be their main needs.  Sometimes it’s not as clear as it seems, and they end up buying things they don’t need and definitely won’t use; or it may be the case that the products are simply of not great quality. Having a child is an expensive decision, but if you are able to cut out all of those unwanted products, you can save a fair amount at the same time as giving your baby the best health and hygiene care available. This way, your baby will be protected and happy. That’s why today we want to tell you about those that are really important.



Hydrating cream

Although there are many hydrating creams on the market that can be used to massage your baby, e Hydra Baby by Mustela, is without doubt one of the best ones available and is made with 90% natural ingredients giving your baby optimal hydration, as well as leaving a pleasant smell on their skin.


It is also important to have hydrating cream at hand for their faces, as their skin is very sensitive during the first months of their life. 


Bath accessories


Bath time is an essential factor in your baby’s daily routine, especially during the first few months, as they are still developing their immune system and have to be very clean to avoid infections and illness. You will need a  a natural sponge, bath gel, shampoo and a soft brush. Also, when their first milk teeth come through, it’s very important that their mouth is also clean, hence why you require a toothbrush that they can begin to use from 6 months onwards.





A thermometer is an element that can’t be missing in your bathroom cupboard so as to ensure that your baby doesn’t have fever or to detect it quickly, allowing you to go to a doctor if needed. Introducing the Hartmann Thermoval Baby Sense Thermometer, that has infrared to measure body temperature and any surrounding object in under 3 seconds without contact, giving a high-precision reading. Thanks to it, you can take your baby’s temperature even when asleep, as there’s no need to wake him/her.


Nasal Spray


Nasal spray is very useful to get rid of snot that builds in your baby’s nose, allowing your little one to breathe properly. One of the best ones out there is the Nahinel Comfort, with disposable nozzles.

It is ideal for babies’ daily hygiene and to prevent infections, however some mums prefer the physiological serum and for that we recommend Lusan, a product that comes in a practical 30 single-dose format that you can take with you anywhere you go.



Nappies and bottom products


You should know that, on average, a baby needs between 10 and 12 nappies a day during the first few weeks of their lives. Because of this, many parents start by using fabric nappies and after, when not quite so many are needed daily, they change to disposable nappies. When buying them it’s very important to consider their weight, so they adjust correctly and are comfy.

Also, you should know that the skin is a very sensitive area and that dampness and bits of faeces can be very aggressive for them, causing irritations, itchiness and infections. To protect their skin, one of the best products available is the Sebamed Baby Wipes that, as well as cleaning, help to prevent inflammation, soothe itches and leaves their skin very soft. To add to all this, it is wise to use a good balsamic cream to avoid irritation and redness.


Baby Bottles


Ideal for those mums who are breast-feeding and for those who don’t, it's always a good idea to have a few bottles ready for an emergency. On our webpage you can find a wide range of baby bottles in all shapes and sizes that can be used as soon as the little one is born. All of them by top brands: Chicco, Suavinex, Nux and Dr. Brown’s. To ensure that they stay bacteria-free, it is a good idea to have a sterilizer on hand to prevent your baby from getting sick.

If the case is that you often breastfeed, but at times you use a bottle and don’t want to compromise on breast milk, then you need a breast pump, so that you can give your baby your milk in an easy and comfortable way.




A dummy is another essential element during the first few years of your baby’s life, as it helps your baby to sleep and it gives relieves pain caused by milk teeth coming through. It is important to choose the right dummy depending on your tot’s age during the first few months and that you change it, as each dummy is made to adapt to the shape and size of the baby when it grows. 


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