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Galénic, a never-ending search for perfection

Galénic was established in 1977 by the Pierre Fabre Laboratories. The company’s founder is Mr. Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist with ample knowledge regarding formulas, being the discoverer of dermocosmetics. Galénic brings together in perfect harmony two distinct concepts: that of pharmaceutical formality and high quality cosmetic care.

The Galénic products are developed and produced exclusively in Europe, mainly in France, in the Pierre Fabre investigation centres and factories.

The name originates as a reference to the Galenic formulation, a science with which the active ingredients with their respective excipients are transformed in to easily administered medicine and that offer a reasonable therapeutic response. The master formulators at Galénic know to perfection the active ingredients’ properties, and the biological conditions that enable maximum therapeutic benefit. All of the Galénic range is formulated with the best Galenic science.

The Galénic stamp is that of an infinity sign, reflecting their eternal search for perfection.

Pierre Fabre passed down his experience and knowledge to his master formulators. These experts in formulas look for perfection when it comes to creating original products at the Pierre Fabre investigation centres. The Galénic cosmetic prioritise efficiency, quality and safety, offering the best dermocosmetic care possible.

To create cosmetics you are not only required to discover an active, you must test it’s efficiency and make that active do the job that it was created for. For these reasons, the master formulators at Galénic follow a rigorous creation process in their formulas:

1. The master formulators create an exceptional assembly, with a unique galenic formula, allowing the active ingredient to release all its power.
2. The second step that they take is to choose the best raw materials. They only choose unique ingredients that help to enhance the product’s formula.
3. Once the assembly has been designed and the raw materials chosen, they proceed to link them together. This is a decisive stage on which the product’s efficiency, harmony and and stability depends. At least 9 months are required to choose the active ingredient, and then years to successfully implement it.
4. To get the desired prototype for each cream numerous tests are required. Galénic assures that all of their products are efficient and safe, taking the time required in each phase to ensure that all their products are perfect. As well as being efficient, the master formulators look for a unique and pleasant texture.

Without doubt Galénic is a dermocosmetic brand that ensures safety and efficiency on all their products. Below you can see some of their star products:

Galenic Aqua Infini Water Booster Serum

The main active in this serum is stone flower, a plant that is capable of surviving extreme temperatures in the desert, capturing traces of water that surround it and that way protecting its cells. It is perfect for retaining water in your skin, guaranteeing an intense hydration.

Galenic Sculpteur De Perfection Lifting Duo Serum

This serum has been designed to firmen and give comfort to your skin. The main actives are argan cells, a unique and patented vegetable mother cell. This green serum has a “stretch effect” that allows the argan cells to penetrate your skin while the ivory serum works as a second skin that creates a light veil that wraps your skin and comforts it. Your skin will be more hydrated and comfortable, visibly smoother and more tense right away.

Secret D'Excellence

An anti-aging cream that uses snow alga as its main active ingredient. This alga creates longevity molecules that defies skin aging, allowing your skin to preserve its youth for longer. The snow alga is found in the snow, in the highest peaks of glaciers and it is capable overcoming harsh conditions to stop its biological clock.



Galenic Beauté De Nuit Chrono Active Aqua Gel

Beauté De Nuit looks after your skin while you rest, giving you new skin when you wake up. The main active is macro proteic caricaceae, an active which is extracted from papaya and removes dead cells from your skin without irritating or hurting it. To guarantee its efficiency, the Pierre Fabre Laboratories have developed a unique galenic formula known as “patch effect”. With the Beauté de Nuit gel-cream you will show off a younger and more resplendent skin each morning.

Galenic Gel Diffuseur De Beaute

Diffuseur De Beaute is perfect to make your face glow every morning. Its composition is made around ruby pearls, a handsome and exclusive active that will give you a rosy glow immediately, lasting up to three weeks giving your skin as intense glow when it most needs it, or simply as a foundation.


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