Xls Medical Nutrition Forte 5 Fat Burning Shake 400g

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What is XLS Nutrition Forte 5 Fat Burning Shake?
XLS Nutrition Forte 5 is a substitute fat burning shake that helps you control your weight.
A food supplement with a high level of protein, to replace meals and maintain a low-calorie diet to lose weight.
With its intensive use, you will manage to lose kilos to achieve a more defined and slender silhouette.
The XLS Nutrition Forte 5 formula contains all the nutrients your body needs to be able to keep active with your usual pace of life.
In addition, it helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue thanks to the B vitamins and magnesium.
It also contributes to normal energy metabolism through the benefits of Iron, Copper and Vitamins.
Vanilla-Lemon flavoured meal replacement shake for weight control.
In order for the meal replacement shake to be effective, it is important to include other types of food in the diet, trying to maintain a varied and balanced diet.
Replacing two main meals a day with XLS Nutrition Forte 5 shakes will achieve a fat-burning effect, while replacing only one main meal will help to control weight.
What are the benefits of XLS Nutrition Forte 5 Fat Burning Shake?
Fat Burning Shake Substitute.
Helps Control Weight.
High Protein Level.
Reduces Tiredness and Fatigue.
Contributes to Normal Energy Metabolism.
24 Vitamins and Minerals.
Vanilla-Lemon Flavour.
What is the composition of XLS Nutrition Forte 5 Fat Burning Shake?
The new XLS Nutrition Forte 5 is a meal replacement fat burning shake that contains a special combination of high quality proteins, essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.
It contains Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 which, together with Magnesium, help to reduce fatigue. Iron and copper contribute to normal energy metabolism. In addition, its formula is made with Sinetrol Xpur, a natural combination of citrus extracts, orange juice concentrate, citrus hesperidin and guarana seed extract, which contribute to fat metabolism, helping to control and lose weight.
As part of a reduced calorie diet, it replaces a full meal and is less than 250 calories, while still providing all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to keep functioning.
Only wholesome ingredients are used to make XLS Nutrition Forte 5 Fat Burning Shake, expressly avoiding the use of preservatives.
It is lactose and gluten free.
How do I take XLS Nutrition Forte 5 Fat Burning Shake?
Before opening the container for the first time, it is advisable to shake it.
Pour milk into a glass first and then pour the shake powder in.
Mix 40g (approximately 4 full scoops) with 200ml of skimmed milk.
Stir the mixture well until completely dissolved.
Replacing one main meal a day with a shake helps with weight control.
Replacing two main meals a day with shakes aids weight loss.

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XLS Medical is the reference brand for the fastest and most effective weight loss. Thanks to the Omega Pharma laboratories, XLS Medical has become your daily support, as its safe and innovative formulas allow you to lose up to 3 times more weight. Remember that effective weight loss must be done under medical supervision, accompanied by exercise and healthy lifestyle habits. XLS Medical will help you lose more weight with your effort, but the most important thing is your perseverance and awareness.

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