Phyto Phytocyane Progressive Treatment 12x5ml

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Phytocyane Women's Hair Loss Treatment What is it? What is it used for?
Hair loss treatment that acts on the roots to effectively stop hair loss and stimulate the growth of stronger, thicker and better quality hair.
What are the benefits of Phytocyane Progressive Hair Loss Treatment?
- Helps fight against root miniaturisation and hair thinning.
- Strengthens the anchorage of the hair and favours its support during the growth phase.
- Essential action on hair growth and the hair cycle.
- Strengthens the hair structure.
Main component of Phytocyane Hair Loss Treatment.
- Hydrolysed lupine, stimulates hair growth and slows down hair loss. Provides essential amino acids.
- Organic maca extract, increases the number of mitoses in the hair matrix. Protects hair from endogenous and exogenous stress. Increases collagen density in the underlying dermal tissue, helping to reinforce the adhesion of the hair to the scalp. Stimulates cell proliferation in the epithelial sheath.
- Tulip extract, helps to revitalise the scalp. Contributes to revitalising the hair, improving both its softness and natural shine.
What instructions should you take into account?
In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. External use.
What is the composition of Phytocyane Progressive Hair Loss Treatment for Women 12 ampoules x 5 ml Phyto?
Aqua / Water / Eau. Alcohol Denat. Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein. Panthenol. Pyridoxine Hcl. Maltodextrin. Lepidium Meyenii Root Extract. Ethyl Ester Of Hydrolyzed Silk. Sodium Benzonate. Tulipa Gesneriana Flower Extract.
How to use Phytocyane Women's Progressive Hair Loss Treatment 12 Phyto Ampoules x 5 ml?
Place the applicator. After shampooing, apply the entire contents of the ampoule strand by strand on towel-dried hair. 3 applications per week for 3 months.

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Phyto Paris was founded in 1969, thanks to Patrick Ales, a visionary hairdresser who revolutionized hair care world. Simplifying everything with a unique scientific approach. Turning his attention to nature, researching the power of medicinal plants with the extraction of that fifth essence. Conversely to classic products formulated mostly with water, Phytosolba laboratories have opted for elaboration with "home essencesplants, obtained from a unique process to achieve 100% active formulas, with high plant concentrations. Based on the love and freedom of nature, choosing plants and flowers to create poetic works in our hair.

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