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Reducer Gel Ultra Intensive 7 Nights 250ml


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Product Reference: #8002410066302
It is an ultra intensive reducing gel 7 nights with a gel texture, silky to the touch, with a pleasant marine perfume.
Contains Sea Salt, Sericoside, Algae Extract and other specific cosmetic assets.
Sea Salt: Exfoliate, Smooth and Drain the epidermis.
Algae Extract: Reduces and counteracts the formation of new fatty accumulations.
Sericoside: Improves microcirculation.
Somatoline Reducer 7 Nights Intensive Fresh Gel has a triple reducing action: lipolytic, draining and anti-accumulation, which softens and smoothes the skin.
Its innovative reticular structure texture changes its consistency during the application massage, melting into the skin. In addition, it has a pleasant marine perfume that offers a pleasant feeling of well-being.
-Lipolytic action, favors the reduction of accumulated fats.
-Triple lipolytic reducing action.
-Smooths and smooths the skin.
-Drainage of excess skin fluids.
-Prevents the formation of accumulated fats.
-Smooths the skin, leaving it softer and silkier.
-Fresh gel texture, its consistency changes during application, melting into the skin.
-Pleasant Marine perfume.
-Dermatologically tested.
-Clinically proven efficacy.
Who is it for?
Somatoline Reducer 7 Nights Intensive Fresh Gel is indicated for ideal for people with localized fat on hips and thighs, who want a cosmetic shock treatment with fast results.
People who like gel textures that leave a feeling of freshness on the skin.
How to use:
Apply a dose of product to the area to be treated every day for 7 nights, massaging in circular movements until absorbed.
To improve the obtained result, its continued use for 4 weeks is recommended.

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Product features:
- Body: Anti-cellulite
- Skin Type: All Skin Types

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